Growth In The Popularity Of The Vaporizer Pen


True to its name, the vaporizer pen or vape pen is a portable device that looks just like a pen. Using vaporizer popularitythis kind of device is extremely easy, the substance to be vaporized is loaded into the pen and it gets heated at a high temperature in order to release the flavor of the matter without the need of combustion. Combustion of substances is a more polluting and harmful method, therefore vaporization or vaping is the new way to go! Now, the substance here could be anything from oil to wax to tobacco. In fact, now that Colorado is in the infancy stage of trying to make Marijuana legal, a lot of people would use their vape pens for vaporizing Marijuana and enjoying without a care in the world in the near future!

Since the legalization of Marijuana is not yet complete, therefore vaporizer pens are just used for the purpose of vaporizing tobacco currently. Nevertheless, the vaporizer popularity is simply soaring thanks to the young adults section of the society because they are the ones who make the most use of these devices. Apart from them, the working population is also an important contributor to the growth in terms of popularity for the vape pen. While traditional methods of smoking, i.e. combusting or burning tobacco, produces a strong odor, vaporizing the same does not produce that strong an odor and one can still get one’s nicotine fix from it!

One of the top reasons behind the increasing growth vaporizer popularity is the fact that these are so convenient to carry around and use since they look just like a regular pen. Such devices work on Lithium-Ion batteries and are a common sight in colleges, house parties, concerts, parks, etc. They are a discreet way of addressing or fulfilling your nicotine requirement because there is generally no odor produced after tobacco is vaporized instead of combusted. These vape pens are fairly new in the market and the vaporizer popularity has soared even higher after the improvement of technology.

The vape pen does not simply enjoy vaporizer popularity for no reason, it is basically designed for the purpose of vaporizing e-liquids but it can also be used for vaporizing oils, waxes and even dry herbs! Thus, it is always good to opt for a vaporizer that can vaporize different types of products so that you would be able to derive maximum satisfaction from the use of such equipment. If you need to purchase the vaporizer then it would be advisable to opt for a model that has been approved by the FDA.

The primary reason for the soaring vaporizer popularity is the fact that vaping or vaporization has a lot of benefits over regular combustion. This is because in case of the latter, carbon monoxide is created as a result of burning tobacco. Moreover, it takes time for the debris present in the tobacco smoke to get completely cleared off from the lungs. Thus, by switching over to using the vaporizer instead of regular cigarettes, you are cutting down the risks of developing cancer by  a whopping 50%!

Benefits Of Switching From Smoking To Vaporizing


Over the past few years, E-Cigarettes have become the latest craze. Millions of people have switched E-Cigarettefrom smoking to vaping. The reason that so many people are switching is that the E-Cigarette has many benefits over the traditional cigarette.

One major benefit that E-Cigarettes have over smoking is that there is no smoke when you smoke an E-Cigarette. It is vapor. This vapor is not dangerous to others around you. Over the past few years, many public places have banned smoking inside. This has caused a huge inconvenience for smokers. When a smoker is out, they have to go outside to a designated smoking area when they want to light up. Whether it is freezing outside or if it is raining, smokers are forced outside. With the invention of the E-Cigarette, smokers are no longer required to go outside. Because there is no smoke, there are no laws being broken.

Another benefit of vapor over smoke is the smell. Smokers tend to always smell like smoke. The smell sticks in their hair and in their clothing. It is very difficult to get rid of that smoke smell. If a smoker smokes in their home, there is a smell of smoke that lingers. The same is true when people smoke in their car. Thanks to the vapor, there is no smokey smell to deal with. The vapor is odorless.

The health aspect is another huge benefit of choosing vaping over smoking. The keyword is health. Because the vapor does not contain any carbon monoxide, the oxygen levels in the blood return to normal within the first eight hours of switching. Within twenty four hours, the carbon monoxide leaves the body completely. Now the lungs can begin to get rid of the mucus and the debris left behind from the carbon monoxide. Within forty eight hours of switching from smoking to vaping, the sensory receptors begin to repair themselves. The sense of smell and the sense of taste begin to improve. You will taste food like you did before you began smoking cigarettes. After seventy two hours, the tar from the tobacco smoke begins to clear from your bronchial tubes. This will make breathing easier. A person who could not run up three flights of stairs when they were smoking cigarettes without running out of breath will be able to do so without a problem. Between three and nine months after switching from smoking to vaping, the debris from the tobacco smoke is fully cleared from the lungs. Because of this, lung function greatly improves. After five years of switching, the risk of having a heart attack from smoking is cut in half. As time goes on, the odds get better and better that a heart attack will not occur. After ten years of switching, the risk of lung cancer is cut in half. The risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as a person who has never smoked.

With all of the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, it is obvious why so many people these days are switching.

Choosing the best vape pen


The best vape pen to get will depend on what type you are looking for, as there are different types of best vape penpens on the market. There are vape pens for oils, waxes, as well as dry herbs. These pens will now be discussed.

Wax Pens
Wax pens are very easy to use. If you decide to use this type of pen, then all you need to do is purchase some wax, and then put the wax into the pen. Once the wax is placed in it, you will be ready to smoke. There are many different types of wax pens on the market, but a good one will have a one-touch activation, as well as good atomizer technology and it should be small and compact.

Dry Herbs
There are different types of legal herbs on the market, and you can smoke these herbs via a vape pen. All you need to do is place a piece of herb inside the vape pen, and then you will be able to vape it. If you are looking for the best vape pen for dry herbs, then you should know what to look for in one. A good pen will contain a chamber where you can store pieces of herb, which will allow you to have easy access to your herbs. A good one will also heat up very quickly, and it should have a slime design, which makes it easy to grip and use. If you are looking for the best one on the market, then make sure it has the traits that we just described.

If you are looking for the best vape pen for oils, then you will want to know how it actually works. This type of pen allows you to inhale essential oils, which you simply load into the pen. This type of pen should also be designed in a way that allows you to easily use it, and it should be able to contain quite a bit of oil. The best thing about this particular type of pen is that there are many different kinds of oils you can choose from. This is why it is a good idea to purchase various oils and then stick with the ones that you enjoy the most.

Another benefit of using a pen for oil is that some of them have an LCD display, which allows you to see what you are doing, even when the lighting is dimmed.

Choosing The best vape Pen

It does not matter what type of pen you get, you will want to make sure that it is durable and it will last you for a longtime. Also, you will want to choose a product that is affordable, because some pens are very expensive, but they are of low quality. A good quality pen will be priced fairly, so you may want to compare a few and see which ones provide you with the most features for the least amount of money, as this will help you narrow down your choice.

A Vape Pen Is More Than A Cigarette Alternative


Smoking in public places is taboo in most areas. A Vape Pen is an excellent alternative that does more than let the user feel like he or she is smoking. It can give users many options in flaVape Penvor and how that flavor is delivered. Many vape pens offer a range of liquid cartridge flavors. But, taste and variety may be limited. Those who seek natural relaxation have another option. A Vape Pen that used dry herbs. There are several brands on the market, each with its own features. Read below for a review of the most popular Vape Pen brands.

1. Atmos Raw

This brand is sleek and stylish. Like other pens, it can easily be tucked away in a hand bag or pocket. It comes in several different color options. The device can be used with batteries. However, a car charger is available for weekend trips or instances where batteries may run down. A variety of herbal packages, such as the relaxation and energy packages, are available for use with the Atmos vaporizers. The device turns on with a simple on-off switch and is ready to use in seconds.

2. GPen

The GPen brand, made by Grenco Science, offers models for essential oils and models for dried herbs. The dried herb model comes with a USB charger, wall charger, cleaning brush, glass container, and a 1G tank for the herbs. The tank can last up to 5 or 6 weeks. The tank is stainless steel, encased in glass. At just under $100, the device is reasonably priced.

3. Trippy Stix

The Trippy Stix brand is made with no cartridge. A titanium bowl is its main feature. The most popular model comes in a variety of color options, such as athletic green, shark blue, pink and gold, and elephant print. At a size similar to that of a large pen, it can easily be concealed and used discretely in many places. The product is priced at around $120, which is a good value, with no additional cartridge to replace. The device has an on-off switch and a locking mechanism, to prevent unwanted vaping. It comes with a USB charger and four chrome tips.

4. Elevape

The iPuff Elevape is a device that uses advanced technology to ensure the optimal vaping experience. The device features a digital read out for temperature, number of doses, and battery life. The temperature read out allows users to determine the right level of humidity. It also comes with a user interface for personal computers, to monitor usage, measure the level of charge, and monitor temperatures. Two different cartridges are available for the device. One is designed for liquids; while the other is designed for wax concentrates. The product comes in four colors: red, white, black, and silver.

5. Omicron Persei

The Omnicron Persei is a Vape Pen that can take both dried herbs and liquids. The brand offers several attractive colors. The product comes with a manual voltage selection option, so users can choose battery combination options. The Persei Vape Pen kit comes with the pen, lithium ion batteries and charger, and a battery configuration tool.

Any Vape Pen model should be carefully selected, based on desired features and intended use. With so many models available, a new user should read some product reviews, to determine which models will satisfy personal needs.

Enjoy A Great Experience With A Weed Vaporizer


Weed vaporizers are currently trending when it comes to getting high in style. Due to their weed vaporizer popularity, many people are seeking the best vaporizers in the market. This has led to many people searching for quality weed vaporizer that is largely preferred in the market. There are certain vaporizers commonly used, and they are the best in the market. These include Snoop Dogg GPen, Arizer Solo and Magic Flight Launch Box.
Snoop Dogg GPen is a herbal vaporizer that was manufactures by the partnership of the artist Snoop Dogg and Grenco ScienceTM. This partnership has brought about the production of three vaporizers namely The G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the pocket size microG and The Slim, which is an all new sleek vaporizer.  Snoop Dogg GPen is however the preferred weed vaporizer by most people. This is because it is clean and convenient to use. This vaporizer is composed of a revolutionary tank system, which can use dried herbs. When it comes to its functions, design and style the Snoop Dogg GPen is the most versatile product released yet.
Magic Flight Launch Box on the other hand is a battery powered weed vaporizer. This is a vaporizer designed as a simple wooden box with four holes fitted on it. These holes serve specific purposes, which include a hole for drawing smoke, a vent, a hole for the batteries and a final one where the materials are fitted. The Material hole is covered with a clear plastic that allows you to see the material. This weed vaporizer is best for people who do not like the modern conveniences of the new vaporizers. This is for people who prefer the good old system of doing things. The great thing about the Magic Flight Launch Box is that it is very efficient as a little weed goes a long way. Therefore, you can save on the amount of weed you use while still having a good time.
One has to be very careful when using the Magic Flight Launch Box. This is because the only way for you to know your screen is getting hot is by seeing smoke. You will also have to be very careful on how you store your vaporizer as if you break the screen, you will have to buy a new gadget.
Arizer Solo is pretty cool when compared to Magic Flight Launch Box. When it comes to quality, one can clearly distinguish it from the other two as it produces clean and tasty vapor. Just like the other vaporizers, Arizer Solo is portable however, it is bulkier compared other vaporizers.
It is also fragile to carry around, and it can easily break. When it comes to using the Arizer Solo, you have to pull hard to draw a good amount of vapor. It is equipped with a lithium battery that is internally placed and one that you can recharge. It is simple to use, and you will enjoy the experience. Therefore, if you plan to try out a weed vaporizer, you can decide on either one of the three. Alternatively, you could try out all the above and share your experience with your friends.

Best Wax Vaporizer Pen


Using a Wax Vaporizer Pen is the newest way to enjoy smoking without the smoke. NWax Vaporizer Peno more lighting the product, messy ashes, or stinky, overwhelming smoke. The Wax Vaporizer Pen will eliminate all of the disgusting elements involved in smoking while you still enjoy your product. The best part is your lungs will love you for it.

Three individual brands seem to be preferred: Trippy Stix, the Cloud Platinum, and the GPen. While there are many reviews to read and choose from, here is a basic comparison of the three products and what points about each are more favorable than others.

The Trippy Stix brand has a lot to offer as far as quality and convenience. Available in different sizes to accommodate your lifestyle, Trippy Stix allow the user to enjoy the smoking experience any where they choose. The fact that they come in various colors and sizes not only enables personalization, but offers the user privacy as well. They are harder to maintain, and consumers do not care for the warranty details or length, but it is highly rated in every other area. No smoke makes this virtually impossible to detect! Ranging in price from $25 to $140, it can be a bit pricey, but it is simple to choose one that is just right for your Wax Vaporizer Pen needs.

Cloud Platinum is the latest model offered by Cloud, the makers of the preferred Wax Vaporizer Pen. Ranging between $60 – $80 dollars, the Cloud Platinum comes in your choice of colors, and is said by many to be the ultimate in vaporized product use. While some do not understand the actual differences between the Platinum and its predecessors, the fact that it has a window to view the vapor filling is a big plus. Those that have actually utilized the pen say they love it, even though it is $20 more than the originals.

The GPen is another popular brand of wax vaporizer pen that is popular with vaporizer pen users. Designed and manufactured by Grenco Science, the price range on these is between $10 and $100. Many users enjoy this Wax Vaporizer Pen because of its ease of use and compact design. Some state that it has the same smooth qualities as the others, but dislike the higher price. After comparison, many have voted not to opt for the GPen. Rating quite low in quality, warranty, and maintenance, this may not be the Wax Vaporizer Pen for you.

A point worth mentioning is the GPen comes in numerous sizes, designs, and colors, and are wonderfully compact, offering units with chambers or without. It is quite simple to choose exactly what you need, and you may consider the price worthwhile if you are willing to compromise quality.

In conclusion, most prefer the Trippy Stix brand Wax Vaporizer Pen. It is the all-inclusive choice of the three, regardless of the price. It seems in the case of this type of product, you simply get what you pay for.

An Introduction To Herb Vaporizer


Cigarette smoking is harmful to human health. This is because cigarettes contain tobacco which has lots of poisonous substances. Tobacco is also addictive due to nicotine, a chemical compound that is very addictive. Many smokers who realize the damage that cigarettes causes wish to quit the habit but are unable to do so due to the addiction. However, there are devices in the market that offer Herb Vaporizeralternatives to cigarette and cigar smoking. An example of these alternatives is an herb vaporizer. Basically, a vaporizer is a device used to general vapor from active ingredients of plant material. The aim is to generate a vapor which will be inhaled by a user and offers an alternative to burning as in smoking of cigarettes and cigars.

There are a number of different herb vaporizers in the market today. Each contains several chambers or departments that serve different purposes. The main aim of this device is usually to avoid all the toxins and harmful chemicals emitted during direct burning such as in smoking. Most are made of materials such as glass and metal. While many are used for recreational purposes, it is possible to use the herb vaporizer for purposes such as medicine and health.

Patients suffering from colds and flu can use an herb vaporizer to vaporize herbs and inhale the resulting vapor. The same is true for some other ailments. Vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes and customers can choose the most suitable one depending on their preferences or intended application. Some popular herbs used for medicinal purposes include eucalyptus, parsley, basil, rosemary and thyme. There are lots of others, many of which come in different combinations. Herbal mixtures are common in order to offer consumers different flavors and blends as desired.

One of the most popular vaporizer is the electronic cigarette, popularly known as an e cigarette. This is one of the most reliable devices used to replace regular cigarettes and cigars. They use a liquid referred to as an e liquid. This is usually plant product combined with certain delightful flavors and some liquid nicotine. The device is designed to completely resemble and imitate a regular cigarette so that tobacco smokers can easily make the transition before eventually giving up smoking for good. According to research, the e liquid and e cigarettes emit far less carcinogens that cigarettes and cigars. This can sometimes be up to 450 times lower.

More and more people around the world are making use of the herb vaporizer. This device serves many purposes and comes in many different and varied designs. Some find application in culinary world with chefs using the vaporizers to heat herbs while others are used for medicinal, health and even recreation purposes. Today, these products can be found in stores, in retail outlets, market places and online outlets as well. Some of the most common types include electronic cigarettes, THC vaporizers and a couple of others. Most of them usually operate a heat source which can be either external or internal.